The PMGAF is a one-day community based event that began in 2009, that uses the garden as a central component to connect with our lives and each other.

Fans of the PMGAF come from all over: summer tourists, valley locals and residents from all over the state of Alaska. The Faire is unlike any other event in our state in that it provides attendees free access to a wide selection of gardening and art instructional classes, local agricultural producers, several art organizations and museums, not to mention, a variety of vendors, local musicians and cultural performers. The PMGAF has become such a widely attended event with an estimated 1,600 people from over 9 Alaskan communities present each year including Alaska State Governor, Bill Walker, and Senator, Lisa Murkowski, in attendance in 2016!


Contact us at the Palmer Museum of History and Art

Executive Director Selena Ortega-Chiolero
723 S. Valley Way
Palmer, Alaska 99645